Recopilación de tweets y citas interesantes

A continuación uno de mis habituales recopilatorios de citas y tweets interesantes recopilados de los meses anteriores.

Por alguna razón, las personas prestan más atención al precio que al valor. El precio es lo que se paga, pero el valor es lo que se obtiene a cambio.
-Warren Buffett

“It is more difficult to define what we want than what we do not want.”
-Russell Ackoff

Al hombre más torpe se le pueden explicar los temas más dificiles si no se ha formado todavía ninguna idea de ellos: pero no se puede aclarar ni aun lo más sencillo al hombre más inteligente si está firmemente convencido de que conoce ya, sin la menor sombra de duda, lo que se presenta ante él.

“Everyone wants to be a ‘designer’, but nobody wants to sew.” The fashion world is full of people who can draw or style but is exceptionally short of craftsmen who actually know how to sew, how to work with beading or leather, how to perform the detailed and highl skilled techniques associated with making haute couture gowns. For me, this signals something everybody knows about the modern educational system. It is preparing people for a white-collar world that no longer exists and has failed to provide people with the real-life skills that give rise to innovation in the real economy.

Agile is like a machine gun instead a snipper. You can shoot a lot, but at a great expense.
Machine gun aproach. By taking so many shoots we may hit our target, but is incredible wastefull in the process.
Until you have data, you don’t know what the real problem is. You are just throwing solutions to the problem too early.
– Gabrielle Benefield



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