Recopilación de tweets interesantes

Ahora que comienza el buen tiempo, es hora de hacer un poco de limpieza y centrarse en algunos proyectos de esos que comentaba al final de 2013.

Como norma de higiene digital, agrupo y traspaso los favoritos de Twitter de los últimos meses en este post. Y como curiosidad, parece que últimamente me gustan mucho las citas de Hermanni Hyytiälä. Supongo que habrá que leer a John Seddon.

Pawel Brodzinski     ‏@pawelbrodzinski                       1 de nov. 
RT @cyetain: “Don’t bring me problems bring me solutions” That isn’t empowerment… that is abandonment. ~@LeanVoices #lkuk13

Hermanni Hyytiälä     ‏@hemppah      6 de nov. 
“To manage one must lead. To lead, one must understand the work that he and his people are responsible for.” -W. Edwards Deming

Pawel Brodzinski     ‏@pawelbrodzinski                       17 de nov. 
A single cockroach will completely wreck the appeal of bowl of cherries but a cherry will do nothing at all for a bowl of cockroaches ~Rozin

Fabian Imaz     ‏@FabianImaz                       16 de dic. 
@jc_quijano @AdrianDiaz81 he aprendido a decir, no, lo tienes que hacer así, esa es la parte esencial de nuestro trabajo, asesorar

Grady Booch     ‏@Grady_Booch                       19 de feb. 
Knuth: Premature optimization is the root of all evil.
Booch: Premature architecture is an overgrown trunk full of thorns.

Hermanni Hyytiälä     ‏@hemppah      19 de feb. 
“Managers love fire-fighting. Knowledge is far less sexy.” -John Seddon

Hermanni Hyytiälä     ‏@hemppah      19 de feb. 
People take responsibility. It is as Hertzberg taught: if you want people to do a good job, design a good job to do.” -John Seddon

Hermanni Hyytiälä     ‏@hemppah      19 de feb. 
“So often, because the real problems are not understood, agile techniques are employed to speed up doing the wrong things.” -John Seddon

Stephen Parry     ‏@LeanVoices                       19 de feb. 
There is a world of difference between telling someone they have no ability and inspiring them to develop ability.

Stephen Parry     ‏@LeanVoices                       19 de feb. 
Any jerk can burn a barn down, it takes time effort and resources to build one.

Hermanni Hyytiälä     ‏@hemppah      20 de feb. 
“To the worker, the system is all but him.” -W. Edwards Deming

Hermanni Hyytiälä     ‏@hemppah      26 de feb. 
“I’ve learned that as soon as you introduce controls on human behaviour, you lose the game.” -John Seddon

Hermanni Hyytiälä     ‏@hemppah      26 de feb. 
“Above all, meetings have to be the exception rather than the rule.” -Peter Drucker

Hermanni Hyytiälä     ‏@hemppah      27 de feb. 
The key to leadership is influence. And that influence can only be derived from knowledge.

Hermanni Hyytiälä     ‏@hemppah      27 de feb. 
“Some organizations rank employees in a normal distribution. Few if any human characteristics are normally distributed.” -John Seddon

Andoni Arroyo     ‏@andoniarroyo                       27 de feb. 
Cunningham’s Law “the best way to get the right answer on the Internet is not to ask a question, it’s to post the wrong answer.”

Javier Gonel     ‏@graffic                       28 de feb. 
If you build an application for your “boss” and not for its users, expect it to have only one happy user.

Y por último, una imagen de @SciencePorn que me trae algunos recuerdos sobre mis primeros nicks o sobrenombres en Internet 🙂




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